26 March 2007



Just wanted to post a few pics of a little someone we saw at the farm yesterday..


24 March 2007

Où étiez-vous le mercredi passé ?

("Where were you last Wednesday")
Steven and I decided to do some last-minute insect collecting on Wed. March 21. It was late by the time we made it to Washington and finally managed to get setup. We kind of figured that it would be too early in the season to catch anything good, but we were in for a surprise. Steven was collecting fiery searchers, and from the time the bulbs warmed up, until the time we unplugged, we were catching searchers! We could have continued to catch them, but we figured we had enough for one outing. We also saw a male luna moth, and some sort of longhorn beetle. Looks like it could turn out to be a great year for insects!


23 March 2007

Wednesday night in Washington


    Michael and I took a last-minute trip to the farm on Wed night. They were heading back to Florida the next day, and I wanted to get some collecting time in before he left.
    It was getting dark and we were in such a rush that I broke one of my 18" Blacklight bulbs while loading the car. I think it was about 9:00 before we made it out of the driveway.
    Now, this is the month of March, and neither of us expected to see much of anything. In my haste I forgot the clips I use to attach the sheet to the poles and forgot containers! We arrived rather late and scrambled to setup in the dark. We lit one black light and my MV rig and pretty soon we had company. We quickly found many C. scrutator, a few C. calidum, two giant water bugs and a big luna moth. We also had tons of June beetles and a fly that seemed to be a wasp mimic.
    We had a great time (despite feeling like crud the next day at work) and plan to do this again soon. It looks like it will be a good collecting year.


12 March 2007

This weekend

This weekend we went to the zoo in Alexandria. On the way there I stopped by "the Chevron" to take a look in the corral. Didn't see a thing in there at all. Will have to wait a few months I guess.

Yesterday we went to the farm. We saw a few butterflies, some dragonflies, a Belostoma and a few caterpillars. The main point of interest was that the tigers were in full flight.


**Update: 3/14/07 **
I saw my first "June Beetle" last night