26 March 2008

Getting closer....

Last night in the Atchafalaya Basin with Tyler Thigpen was a very productive night in terms of quality over quantity. While our main mission is sampling amphibians, we always come across other interesting things. Signs of Spring are getting closer as some of our arthropod friends have become active!

.....and then throw in a cool herp and you've got a successful night! We're going out again tonight (Wed Mar/26)....we'll see what we find tonight.


06 March 2008

Cerambycid tag-along in the Basin

Last week my friend and coworker Tyler Thigpen were out in the Basin conducting one of our visual amphibian encounter surveys. When we got make in the truck at one our sites, we had this guy hanging out with us on the ceiling of the Ford. Hopefully, there will be more to come as it continues to warm up. -James