29 July 2009

Vermilionville / BVD - 7/29/09

Michael, Emma and I set some banana/sugar traps near the BVD today. Here is a pic of the find that was the reason we set the traps:

I spotted this guy (below) near the trash cans. I know it doesn't look very appetizing but you will have to trust me that it is a moth pupa:

Vermilionville / BVD - 7/28/09

Yesterday Michael and I poked around Vermilionville and the BVD after work. We found: 1 larval cacada looking for a spot to moult, 1 ball of dirt that looks suspiciously like a dung ball, an apparently sick bat near the base of a tree and 2 buprestids on a persimmon tree trunk.

28 July 2009

Des Allemends trip - 7/21/09

    Here is the count from last night's haul (excluding some of those bugs ofwhich we got just a very few):

Crickets - 35

PDB's (predacious diving beetle) - 59

WSB's (water scavenger beetle) - 38

Belastoma - 29

Water scorpions - 86

Lethocerus - 74

Dragonflies - 91

Fishing spiders - 3 (2 of these are the smaller species we use most often,but 1 is a large but thin female of Dolomedes tenebrosus. She's at IRF and,we hope, getting fattened up.)

Very productive and fun night. Hope y'all had fun!
- Zack