23 February 2007

Check this out...

Check this out... I wondered if this was possible:

Dynastes hercules MALE x Dynastes granti FEMALE HYBRID



21 February 2007

Here's Lookin' at You...

Eyed click beetle (Alaus oculatus) found today at the zoo.

Not the most cooperative individual, but always worth photographing.


11 February 2007

Please, more spring...


We ventured out to "The Farm" yesterday. It was very cold and there was not much at all moving about. We did see a Leopard Frog and a few diving beetles, but that was about it.

Although, not an indication of spring, I was surprised by this hatchling today:

(Megaphasma denticrus)

Let's all go collecting soon.....


04 February 2007

Spring anyone?

Steven and I hung out at the zoo today for a while, mostly discussing potential future plans for this spring. It's been a long winter, and while I enjoy winter birding quite a bit, I'm ready for warmer months. Not so much for the warmer weather, but for the critters it brings out. Yes, that's right; bugs, spiders, reptiles and frogs! I was out in my yard just a minute ago collecting a new female L. mactans, and I noticed this gal hanging out on the side of our trailer:

Yup, that's right, a cranefly! Hopefully cooler things (not temperatures) are on their way to emerging! Until next time....